There is a very peculiar problem about how new businesses are started in their thousands annually with only a handful surviving after the first few years and all the others collapsing. This causes the owners of such failed business large amounts of money, which is very difficult to recover from. The problem is deeply because many would-be entrepreneurs venture into business without sitting down to develop their ideas into a Business Plan. They just ride on the wave of enthusiasm to start their businesses, which inevitably collapse due to the lack of planning. The old adage that “failing to plan is planning to fail” definitely holds true in this case.

Admittedly, it takes a lot of time and thinking to develop a business plan that investors will be willing to read and invest in. It usually takes professionals who charge large amounts of money to write Business Plans. In an effort to make writing Business Plans less complicated and easier for would-be entrepreneurs, the author has taken his time to produce this special book which is a positive deviation from the other books on Business Plans which only answer the question “What Is A Business Plan?” without teaching readers in a very straightforward manner, “How To Write A Business Plan”.

It is hoped that in using this book, with the required level of dedication and commitment, you will avoid being a part of the many that start businesses without planning and succeed where many others have failed because they did not plan.

The book is targeted at aspiring entrepreneurs and students of entrepreneurship as a practical guide on the subject.

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