Our team is responsible for researching, analysing, interpreting, and presenting data related to markets, operations, finance/accounting, economics, customers, and other information related to each client’s unique needs. They are vast research exposure across diverse fields locally and internationally and thus understand clearly, the different approach applicable to each unique project to tailor-make solutions to meet client requirements. The team develops and executes strategies to adapt our services to each client’s unique needs, creating researched and strategic content that produce results.

Gladys Portuphy

Executive Director


The success of Astute in meeting and satisfying the needs of our numerous customers hinges on the efficient management of our operations. Gladys ably plays this role.

She is directly responsible for client interactions and is the first point of call for customers.

She assesses the needs of customers and initiates all processes geared towards addressing these needs most satisfactorily.

She is responsible for all administrative activities for Astute and is simply the glue that makes everything stick for us.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Ghana, Legon. 

Ishmael Esson

Head Of Research


Ishmael A. Esson is a Financial Consultant and Data Analyst with hands-on experience in Financial Modelling and Simulation, Mergers and Acquisition (M&A), and Businesses Strategy Development.

He has been trained by the Ghana Statistical Service for data collection and coordination activities. At Astute, he oversees the research and knowledge management operations.

Mr Esson has worked as an analyst at the International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy, where he completed projects for the Russian government in the Energy and Tourism Sectors. His works include the Economic Policy and Strategic Planning Project, in which he assessed the financial feasibility of constructing overhead power lines for the Republic of Karelia.

He holds a Master’s degree in Finance (ACCA and EPAS Certified) from the Higher School of Economics (HSE University, Moscow) and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Cape Coast. He is currently embarking on a professional qualification with the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana.

Mr Esson is a two-time recipient of the “Open Doors Graduate Scholarship Award” in the fields of Economics, Finance and Management from the Association of Global Universities.

Claudia Ayim

Strategic Research Analyst


Claudia Ayim holds a Master of Science degree in Management, Economics and Consumer Studies from Wageningen University and Research, the Netherlands and a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ghana.

She is an experienced professional who has worked on several projects in Ghana and overseas. Claudia was a junior consultant at the Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation (CTA) and a Quality Assurance Associate at Marley Spoon in the Netherlands.

She has also worked at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Food and Drugs Authority in Ghana.

She is currently a Research Analyst at Astute Business Consulting, and her expertise spans market research, business analysis, and data analysis.

Angela Benefo

Market Research Analyst


Angela Benefo holds a master’s degree in International Business and a bachelor’s degree in International Economics And Trade both from Wuhan University, China.

She has worked on different projects in organizations in China and Ghana, promoting international trade and development through research and providing technical support.

She is currently a Research Analyst at Astute Business Consulting with expertise in business analysis, market research and data analysis

Bernard Osei

Operations Research Analyst


Mr Bernard Osei holds an M.Sc. in Mathematical Sciences from the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences and the University of Ghana, and a BSc in Mathematics And Statistics from the University of Cape of Coast, Ghana. His specific research interest is in Mathematical modelling in Applied Mathematics with combined application of numerical analysis, optimal control and data analysis.

As Chief Operation Officer, Mr Osei has worked with Affogato and Williscon Foods, where he developed and implemented a systematic delivery system that accounted for a tremendous increase in sales and reduced waiting time for customers. His internship with Ghana Cocoa Processing Company Limited at the Control, Monitoring, and Evaluation department, jointly saw him gaining and applying skills in gathering data and analysis for making decisions.

He has worked on numerous projects with individuals and has co-authored two publications in a peer-reviewed journal. He has excellent experience in designing, collecting and analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data. Mr Osei holds a certificate in Business Management from the European School of Management and Technology, Berlin, and an AWS Certificate of Artificial intelligence Analyst. His current interest is in Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligences..

Linda Adofo

Business Manager


Linda Ntriwaa Adofo has a Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance from the University of Professional Studies, Accra, and is currently enrolled with the Chartered Institute of Taxation, Ghana, studying for the Chartered Tax Practitioner certificate.

She has worked in the Banking, Renewable Energy and Electronic Data Management industries of Ghana.

She is focused on building a long-term career in the fields of Taxation and Accounting/Finance.

She currently occupies the role of the Accounts Officer at Astute Business Consulting and assists with research.

Linda is passionate about entrepreneurship and finds satisfaction in helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, leveraging her diverse industry knowledge and skills.

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