The Problem

Access to business funding is a massive hurdle for most businesses. This has led to businesses not growing as desired or business ideas remaining on paper without actualization.This is mainly because the requirements for accessing funding are difficult for most businesses to meet. Access to funding avenues is scarce, and even when available, the ability to meet the funding conditions remains a considerable difficulty.

We understand that most businesses which have undergone various phases of growth sometimes need cash injection to finance the next growth project but struggle to get them. Others too have secured very lucrative contracts and only need the funding to execute them but cannot access them.

These problems abound across the world, but more so in Africa, where various challenges curtail the ability of businesses to secure funding for the growth agenda. Solutions to these problems are what we seek to offer as a company and we believe you will give us the opportunity to help you.


Astute Business Consulting provides a solution to this problem. Our solution is to look for very viable businesses that are fundable, help them get funding-ready by assisting them in developing all the documentation required, submitting and following through to the end to secure the funding needed.

We exist as intermediaries to connect funding sources locally and internationally with viable businesses looking for funding.

We have established a deal-sourcing partnership with various investment agents looking for solid deals for their investment agencies or Angel Investors. These are bodies looking to invest in growth opportunities that are abundantly available in developing countries like Ghana.

Their interest is in businesses with proven market viability, highly profitable, and seeking to solve identified needs, primarily driving demand.

Yours is to have a sound and viable project, and ours is to get you the funding you need.

Source of Funding

We have a partnership with Private Equity firms and local & foreign banks in Ghana, Mauritius, America, Europe and Asia. We also have a partnership with Engineering and Construction companies in Ghana, South Africa, Netherland, Portugal, Turkey, Qatar and China. Their specializations are in large scale projects in developing countries, from the concept stage, finance and design to the final complete execution.

The interest is in businesses that have proven market viability, highly profitable and most importantly seek to solve identified needs, which will primarily drive demand.

Yours is to have a viable project, and ours is to get you the funding you need.


Depending on the cooperation and execution of all parties involved, funding of business/project can be done within 90 – 150 days. However, this can only be an indication and does not reflect the time required for specific projects.

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