Business Proposal Writing

We develop business proposals which you can use to describe briefly what your business is all about, how you will approach a particular project or solicit business from prospective clients. The proposals are limited in scope to a particular project or need and generally has a specific audience.

Business Plan Writing

If you are looking for a Professional Business Plan Writer, then Astute Business Consulting is the company for you. Our solid team of experts will competently address all of your Business Plan needs. Our expertise is across all industries and all borders. We have written Business Plans for clients in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Holland and the United States of America.

Loan Brokerage

We have established strategic networks with investment brokers who are looking for solid deals for their investment agencies or Angel Investors. These are bodies looking to invest in growth opportunities which are abundantly available in developing countries like Ghana.

Financial Projections

Your business plan is all conceptual until you start filling in the numbers. The sections about your marketing plan are all interesting to read, but they don’t mean anything if you can’t justify your business with good figures.

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