If you are looking for a Professional Business Plan Writer, then Astute Business Consulting is the company for you.

Our solid team of experts will competently address all of your Business Plan needs.

We write business plans that answer questions that investors want answers to before deciding whether or not to invest.

From every plan, investors want to understand what your business is about, what products/services you provide. They also want to know what market need your business addresses and which people have that need. Also, how much money you need to address those needs, how you will spend the money.

Finally, they want information on how and when the investor can get his/her money back. These are answers investors want and we are experts at providing them in the business plans that we write.

Our expertise is across all industries and all borders. We have written Business Plans for clients in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Holland and the United States of America.

Additionally, we have a very strong team of sharp-minded and experienced researchers. They will work with you to understand clearly what you need before we start work.

You are not left out of the writing process. We will work very closely with you through each step of the process. The goal is to give you a very strong grasp of the details of the business plan. This we will do to ensure that you can answer any questions that may be asked about the business plan.

Additionally, our business plans help you chart your growth path. Apart from being a primary document for investment sourcing, we write business plans that help you manage your business. This is supported by our focus on content like

a business model, value chain analysis, marketing strategy and implementation plan. We write these contents to help you to plan and grow your business minute-by-minute, day-by-day, week-by-week, month-on-month and year-on-year.

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Working Procedure

Contact Us

Contact Astute through a phone call, email, office visit or through our website “Contact Us Form” of Chatbot

Review Request

We will review your enquiry or request for our services by assessing all angles of your requirements to make sure we understand the full picture. We will then advise you on the most suitable approach to addressing your needs, i.e. the best service option for you to consider.

Job Request Form

Formalise your request for a Business Plan by filling our Business Plan Request Form through our website.


We will send you an estimate via email. The estimate will detail the nature of service, service fee, tax applicable, amount payable etc. Once you are satisfied, please accept through the email you received.


After you accept the estimate through email, an invoice will be auto-generated and sent to you through email.

Deposit Payment

Pay 50% of the invoice fee as a deposit through the payment methods stated on the invoice. We will send you an electronic receipt to confirm receipt.

Work Starts

Once we receive the deposit, we will start work immediately. Our team will confer with you for any information we may require to execute the scope of work. We may contact you through video conference calls, site visits etc.

First Draft

Within the timeline specified for the type of Business Plan you select, we will send you the first draft of your business plan.

Draft Review

You are to review the first draft to ensure it meets your expectations. Where there are areas you would want us to amend, we will need you to communicate them to us so we get the amendments fully done

The draft will be in read-only format and will be without Financial Projections.  If you require any amendments, you can share them with us and we will effect them in the draft.

Financial Projections

Once amendments have been completed where there are any, we will proceed to add the financial projections to the amended draft.

25% of Balance Payment

After we have added the financial projections to the first draft, you will be required to pay 25% of the service fee so we send you the second draft in a read-only format, which will include the financial projections for your review. We will once again rely on your feedback to effect any amendments you may need


After the amendments have been completed, you will be required to pay the final 25% of the service fee. After This, we will send you the final work in an editable format.

Hard Copies

Where required, we will give you two hard-copies of the final work in addition to the editable soft copy.

Review / Referral

We strive to provide our customers with the best service, so your feedback is very important to us. We would greatly appreciate it if you take a few minutes to share your experience with us, and possibly refer us to another person if you’re pleased with our services.



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