How we work…

Step 4

Quote, Negotiation, Invoicing

Based on your choice of Business Plan package, we will send you an invoice stating the terms of payment and other payment details.

Step 5

Contract Signing

Sign a contract formalizing the project, detailing the terms and conditions, among others. This addresses all areas of concern or ambiguity to transact the business transparently and mutually agreed on terms and conditions.

Step 6

Initial Payment

Pay 50% of the invoice as a deposit before work starts 10%% discount is granted for full payment before work begins. Payment can be made through Mobile Money, Bank Deposit or Cash.

Step 7

Work Starts

Research work to begin immediately after the initial payment. The timelines for each milestone along the project will be specified in the contract, and the project carried out in compliance.

Step 8

First Draft

You will receive the first draft to review within the timeline agreed in the contract. You are expected to read the draft and make requests for any amendments you may require. The draft is to allow you to confirm if the project is developing according to your expectation.

Step 9

Effect Amendments

We will amend the draft to reflect your requests and send you a second draft for review. Where further amendments are required, you may request them, but such modifications must not change the entire scope of the project as defined in the contract.

Step 10


After your satisfaction with the eventual draft, we will finalize the document, effect the designs, and close the project. An editable version will be provided to you besides two hard copies if required.

Step 11

Final Payment

We will require you to make the last payment, after which all project materials and information will be released to you as agreed in the contract.

Step 12

Aftersales Service

To ensure that you achieve the purpose, you engaged us on the Business Plan project, we will engage with you as and when you may require. Where you need us to take part in discussions on your project to provide more clarity, we will do that for you.

Step 13

Customer Feedback

To improve the quality of our service, we encourage you to give us feedback on your impressions of our service. This will be through a feedback form we will share with you at the end of the process, comprising a very short questionnaire with close-ended questions you can complete in a minute or two.

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