Astute Business Consulting started operating in Ghana on the 27th day of April 2017 as a limited liability company. However, the company had been operating as a sole proprietorship under the trade name, Centre for Business Planning and Development from the year 2013 to 2017.

Its primary service offering was Business Plan writing to help business owners in their quest for funding and also guiding the efficient management of their businesses. So, in a bid to expand our impact and serve more clients with increased efficiency, we changed our structure into a limited liability company.

Astute Business Consulting is strongly devoted to building critical relationships with you so we can support you in setting up and growing your businesses through our services such as Business Plan writing. Also, as Business Plan writers, we help you in convincing investors to understand your business and agree to invest in it, we also help you to understand your business environment better to make more effective decisions.

Additionally, our Business Plan writing services are tailor-made to meet your unique requirements as we genuinely value customer satisfaction. Hence, we work diligently to develop services that will solve your individual needs. To ensure you are personally involved and have a full understanding of the Business Plans we write for you, we will engage you each step of the way explaining all aspects of the service to you in straightforward language so you can confidently describe the concepts to others to achieve your business purposes.


To be the starting point for aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses looking for scalability.


To provide quality and affordable tailor-made services that effectively meet client requirements to be leveraged on to meet client business objectives.

Our Core Values…

Astute is driven by a passionate desire for excellence in our service delivery.

The team puts a touch of excellence in our communication with you, through the stages of developing our business plans, all the way to the finishing and printing of the final piece.

We give you a taste of world-class excellence to assure them of the highest quality.

Quality, as defined to mean a state of the highest standard, is what we seek to serve you.

We endeavour to provide you with business plans whose quality is very competitive with those developed by world-class experts for world-class institutions and projects.

We are able to do this by using the blueprint of blue-chip companies worldwide.

The special feature of such plans is their extensive and thorough nature which we ably replicate in our plans.

Business is very diverse, and as a result in writing a Business Plan, there is the need to ensure that every single aspect of your business is represented in the plan.

It is our commitment to ensuring that, every possible question or doubt that could be raised about the business is addressed through the Business Plans we write.

We take our time to do extensive research on every area of the business to satisfy any curiosity that may arise.

Business relationships thrive on trust. It is this virtue that keeps relationships lasting several years.

We seek to nurture relationships of trust with all of you. We do this by ensuring the utmost confidentiality in all our dealing with you.

All information about your business that we discover in the Business Plan writing process is kept in confidence to ensure the utmost interest of you.

Prompt delivery of service is a hallmark we continuously work at ensuring you benefit from.

We always ensure that we complete our plans within the agreed timeline with you. Hence, we strive to go the extra mile to exceed expectations by delivering Business Plan writing projects sooner than agreed with you.

This is to ensure that you have ample time to review the Business Plans to ensure you understand it fully.

Our pricing is always a key that gives us the edge in the industry.

We do well to ensure that our prices are very affordable to you. As it is our objective to helping you develop your business, we charge very moderate prices for the Business Plans that we write for you.

We as well do this to build long-lasting relationships with you and as well boost our referrals.

Also, to ensure that you fully understand the content of the Business Plans we develop, we make sure to involve you deeply in the writing process. So, we do this by asking you questions to gather all the information that you may have on the idea for your business. 

Having done this, we then go the further mile to do research by ourselves to gather relevant information that you may not have had to beef up the content and credibility of the plan.

We share with you drafts at each step of the way for your review to understand the content we develop in piecemeal rather than in bulk so any amendments you may need could be quickly done to your satisfaction.

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