Who We Are

Astute Business Consulting is dedicated to the service of professionally writing business plans that any investor will be willing to read and invest in. Through our plans, we make it easily possible for the viability of our client’s businesses to be highlighted and easily understood by any reader.

Our expertise cut across all sectors of the economy and our business plans are tailor made to the needs of each client in a unique way. Our business plans are at very competitive prices to ensure that our clients have excellent value for money while building and maintaining mutually beneficial long-term relationships with them.

Our clients have only one chance to make that crucial first impression with investors. A persuasive and attractive business plan can make the path to funding much, much easier for all our clients. We’re here to help you.

As business plan consultants, we will help you refine your ideas and strategies then mould them into viable businesses. We put your business under a microscope. We challenge your assumptions, we fill the gaps in your thinking, we do lots of independent research and analysis and we help formulate business models, tactics, and strategies.

We help crystallize your long-term competitive differentiation, identify target markets and plan for business scalability. We then help you express it in a compelling business plan that is most appropriate for your specific situation and target audience.

All you need to do is to contact us, explain what their requirements are and then we will proceed to offer solutions within clear timelines. To ensure clients are personally involved and have full knowledge and understanding of the service, we engage them each step of the way explaining all aspects of the service to them in very simple language so they can confidently explain the concepts to others to achieve their business purposes.