You look at the very successful entrepreneurs and dream of becoming like them. You have aspirations deep in your heart of also starting your own businesses and being your own boss. You harbour these aspirations and seek opportunities to manifest them by taking initiatives to identify business opportunities and investing funds to start a business. Your hope is that within a few years, you will be owner of a successful business that will propel you to the heights of success and make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. We are Business Plan Consultants Ghana, Accra and you need our services to achieve this.

Inasmuch as it is a fact that true career happiness lies in the freedom of doing the work we love, the work that is based on our hobbies and which we do effortlessly, there is no guarantee that we will succeed if we don’t take certain elementary steps. If we don’t do certain basics things which will bring to fruition our dreams of being successful entrepreneurs, then we will not reach the heights of success we long for.

There is an old cliché that, many people spend a lot more time planning weekends, vacations, weddings and parties than you do in planning your own lives. The same is true for businesses. Many people do not spend time to plan your businesses before jumping headlong into the sea of uncertainty which is the business world. You start your businesses based solely on your emotions, enthusiasm and optimism only to realize a short while down the line that your businesses have begun sinking. The cost of business failures is unimaginable as it goes beyond financial to most often emotional and crucially, sometimes psychologically destabilizing would-be entrepreneurs.

The only sure way to avoid all this turmoil is to plan.

I’m sure you are wondering what a business plan is. Don’t worry, we will explain it to you in very simple words so you fully understand what I mean.

Before the construction of any building, architects draw out what the building should look like. Based on what they have envisioned the business to be, they go about meticulously putting their pencils, rulers and all measurement devices to draw a plan for the building. After they have successfully done this, building engineers go about the arduous task of construction based on the plan which is made easier because they have pictorial re[presentation of what the building should like in addition to the dimensions needed for the sizes of the various areas of the building.

In the same vein, when it comes to you, let’s assume you want to start a business selling computers. Based on your idea for the business, you should be able to determine the type of computers you want to sell, the brand of computers, the individuals to whom you want to sell these computers, determine why exactly you think that these individuals need your computers, know how much these individuals will be willing to pay for your computers, know where you are already getting your supply of computers from, know how much you will need to start the business, know how many computers you will need to sell at the end of every month to meet your financial obligations, know at every point in time whether you are on course with being successful with your business or not.

Once you have figured all these out on paper, you would have developed a very convincing business plan that will prove to any investor that you know what you are about and have charted out the course of success thoroughly. Once you have this business plan in hand as well, you will be able to properly run the business as you would have had specific targets to meet as enumerated in your plan. When you are not meeting these targets, you will find it hard to fulfill your financial obligations and that is where the pressure of having your business fail will start to build up.