Problem and Solution

Starting your own business in Ghana has been identified as the best route to escape unemployment. The drive for entrepreneurship has been very intense in Ghana due to acute levels of unemployment. Individuals are seeking a way out of unemployment by aspiring to start their own businesses while already established businesses are looking for ways to grow and stay ahead of their competitors. Individuals need guidance on what business to start, how to start it, how to manage it sustainably etc. Businesses need support on how to track their growth, how to attract capital, how to grow their customer base, how to recruit efficiently, how to plan long-term growth, etc. The key to this is to start your own business in Ghana. In all these, you need a Business Plan.

Additionally, there is a very peculiar problem about how new businesses are started in their thousands annually with only a handful surviving after the first few years and all the others collapsing. The owners of such failed businesses lose large amounts of money—a situation which is very difficult to recover from. The problem is fundamentally because many would-be entrepreneurs venture into business without sitting down to develop their ideas into a Business Plan. They just ride on the wave of enthusiasm to start their businesses, which inevitably collapse due to the lack of planning. The old adage that “failing to plan is planning to fail” definitely holds true in this case.

The solutions to these problems are what we at Astute Business Consulting Limited seek to provide.

The difficulty faced in accessing professional consulting services fundamentally has to do with affordability. The cost of consulting services is mostly suitable for the high-end clients who can afford to pay the high consulting fees charged by our competitors. Bearing in mind this plight, we have made the decision to focus on meeting the needs of the middle to low-end clients who can only afford relatively lower fees at the same quality. This is what we strive to achieve through our services.

Our Solution

Through our professional services, we are able to assist our clients [businesses or individuals] to achieve their business goals which include attracting the funding/investment they need for their businesses, convincing potential partners of the viability of their businesses, providing a roadmap for management among others.
Through very meticulous research, we provide all the information required by readers of our work and decision makers to answer all the questions they may possibly have about our client’s businesses. We provide work that any investor will be willing to read and invest in as well as work that will achieve the purposes of our clients. Making the entrepreneurial dreams of our clients come true is what we strive for.