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We are an enterprising consulting firm dedicated to the services of developing business plans, marketing plans, financial projections, business proposals for our clients through comprehensive research. Our goal is to develop these services to enable our clients achieve any business goals they have. We seek to build a team of very capable and sharp-minded individuals who can contribute to our efforts.

At Astute Business Consulting, we help our clients succeed in business thus making their entrepreneurial dreams come true. We provide our clients with excellent work which meet every professional standard. We make sure everything a prospective investor, bank or some other source of funding will look for to be convinced about the viability of the business is included in our business plans so they don’t think twice about saying yes to your request for funding.


Research Officer


Undertake business research into specific areas under specific guidelines within definite timelines.


For each project we do, we conduct research to gather information in various areas which we shall use to build up the documents we develop. We fundamentally depend on secondary information from research reports, articles, thesis etc. available online and in the various libraries. Looking at how voluminous our scope of work is, we have taken the key decision to recruit sharp-minded individuals who meet our criteria to engage to do this work on a part-time basis. We require you to choose only one area of research to focus on. For each project, you shall be required to conduct research on only this area.

You shall be provided a template to use for the research. You are required to follow the requirements of this template strictly but then are allowed to add any information you deem necessary which the template does not cover. The template is only a guide and so you are also expected to write out your report in a flowing narrative under the various headings neatly. Your report will be reviewed by our excellent team of reviewers before being used for the intended purposes. Please do well to quote your sources of information as references.


Good academic capability is a fundamental requirement for this job hence, candidates shall be required to provide academic results as part of the recruitment. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in marketing, human resource management, accounting, finance, economics, business management


Excellent writing skills

Excellent command over English

Excellent research skills

Excellent computer literacy

Excellent analytical skills