We assist clients in attracting the funding they need and providing a roadmap for the growth of their business. Also, through meticulous research, we write Business Plans that any investor will be willing to read and invest in.

Our young and enterprising team works to bring their uniquely varied skills in research to bear on our customers. The team adapts our services to client needs by developing researched for the varied use of our clients.

Business Plan writing is our specialty. Astute Business Consulting is a consulting firm dedicated to supporting the successful startup and sustainable growth of businesses.

Quality is of paramount importance to us so we focus on understanding and meeting client needs first. This is to help us meet client requirements perfectly to ensure constant client satisfaction.

Our Services…

Free Business Diagnostics

Are you ready to understand the problems your business is facing and know what to do to solve them? Then take our free diagnostic tests now…

Business Plans

If you are looking for a Professional Business Plan Writer, then Astute Business Consulting is the company for you. All your needs will…

Business Plan Writer

Business Proposals

Apart from Business Plans, we develop business proposals which help you solicit business from prospective clients. The proposals are…

Financial Projections

To get the attention of investors, it is important to have realistic financial projections in your business plan. Projections can be a tricky business as you try to…

Loan Brokerage

We have established strategic networks with investment brokers looking for solid deals for their investment agencies or Angel Investors

Investor Pitch Deck

Astute Business Consulting develops solid, thorough, and engaging investor Pitch Decks to support you to secure the funding your need for your business…

Marketing Plans

Our goal is to help you acquire a marketing plan built in a very logical, orderly way that you can implement to help you accomplish your business goals. 

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