Are you ready to understand the problems your business is facing and know what to do to solve them? Then take our free diagnostic tests below….

We have five different tests that we would like you to take with each of them focuses on a key functional area of your business. These are focused on assessing your business in the areas of  STRATEGIC COMPETENCE, OPERATIONAL COMPETENCE, MARKETING COMPETENCE, RESOURCE MANAGEMENT COMPETENCE AND FINANCIAL AND PHYSICAL ASSETS.

All the tests have a series of questions which we would like you to answer by a rating of stars from 1 to 5. There are also yes/no type questions that are asked. To make the tests as simple as possible, we have not required text-type answers which require you to type answers except for the questions seeking to know your business and what you do. 

Once you finish with each test, your results will be sent to you within minutes to the email address that you provide. Of course, we do not want it to end there as we believe there are deeper actions that must be taken to address each of the problems that are identified in the test. Previously, we explained to you that the diagnostic process consisted of four stages of Diagnostics, Prognosis, Treatment and Practice.

Taking this test and receiving your results is only a part of the diagnostic process to allow you the business owner, have a general understanding of the state of your business. As part of our business advisory services, Astute will like you to allow us to help you address all these problems by engaging us to execute the rest of the stages through to practice to completely eliminate these problems in your business. If you are open to it, you can call on us.

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Knowledge of your competitors; Market Segmentation; Market Targeting; Market Positioning; Strategy Planning; Strategy Verification; Motivation to Export


Balancing Production Or Line Systems; Developing Maintenance Systems; Improving Methods; Installing Cost Reduction Programmes; Determining Inventory Requirements; Handling Materials; Purchasing And Expediting; Keeping Stock; Designing And Installing Plant; Engineering Production Processes; Locating And Evaluating Plant Site; Tooling; Developing Quality Standards; Developing Quality Control Procedures; Designing Product Service Departments; Estimating Production Costs; Dispatching Work; Scheduling Work And Routing; Fulfilling Freight Operations


Preparing Sales Literature; Programming Advertising; Programming Promotions; Setting Up The Channels Of Distribution; Prompting And Responding To Sales Inquiries; Preparing Specifications And Negotiating; Pricing And Quoting


Analysing Business Your Business Requirements; Designing General Accounting Systems; Designing Cost Accounting Systems; Appraising Reactions; Calculating And Using Standard Costs; Conducting Development Experiments; Conducting Market Potential Studies; Conducting Audits; Conducting Economic Studies; Evaluating Markets; Forecasting Sales; Preparing Internal Publications And Handbooks; Preparing Feasibility Studies; Conducting Basic Research; Communicating


Developing Organizational Plans; Describing And Evaluating Jobs; Installing Activities; Preparing Wage And Salary Administration Plans; Forecasting Workforce; Arbitrating; Collective Bargaining; Counselling Personnel; Exchanging Information With Employees; Conducting Your Business Development Programmes; Providing Employee Services; Recruiting; Securing Teamwork; Testing Personnel; Training; Appraising Personnel; Rating Merit


Determining Policies; Developing Systems And Procedures; Preparing Functional Plans; Preparing Long-Range Plans; Maintaining An Adequate Level Of Working Capital; Securing Funds For Asset Replacement; Controlling Budgets; Conducting Your Business Controls; Reviewing Product Development Processes


Seeking And Building Strategic Partnerships

Establishing Association And Society Relations

Participating In Civic Affairs

Securing Legal/Secretarial Assistance

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